Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bad Father

I’m sorry I set you down on the bed a little harshly
But there really is no excuse for crying that much
Especially when
All your needs had been met
That shriek 
That wail
A weasel caught in a combine
And over
And over
And over
The one that genuinely hurts my ears
As I tenderly hold you on my hip
My spine slowly turning into a question mark
My mohair voice persisting
In vain attempts to comfort
Then suddenly rasping into a giant Waitsian fuckyou
Love briefly becomes rage and you bounce lightly
But not lightly enough
On the very expensive mattress we bought through the mail
And I know that in a few minutes I’m going to feel guilty
But for now
It almost seems
Like you deserved it

1 comment:

  1. Been there - done that! Oh, I do know how you feel! Love you! Nettie