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Thoughts that pop into my head at random and confirm beyond any shadow of a doubt that I turned 46 a couple of weeks ago

E-bikes are actually pretty cool. Le Creuset cookware is definitely worth the price. Weed is just so strong nowadays. Would it be weird if I got Bar Mitzvahed as an adult? I forgot how good Van Morrison is! I wonder if there’s another variety of tomato hybrid that would be more productive in our microclimate. Why the fuck is “Broadcast News” not on Netflix? If George H. W. Bush were running in this election I would totally vote for him. Green tea is a lot better than I realized. How much do stand up paddle boards cost? Pizza just doesn’t sound good right now. Wait, if I’ve always secretly thought that most of my friends married the wrong person does that mean that most of my friends secretly think that I married the wrong person too? I don’t feel like having sex tonight. IPAs are all over-hopped at this point. I wish I had more of a relationship with my financial guy. That retaining wall looks like it’s leaning. The pro